Medical Assistant Training Program
Advanced Access Appointment Management Checklist
Job aides
Advanced Access Reference Guide

Advanced Access is an innovative scheduling system that focuses on getting the patient what they need when the need it. It promotes practitioners working at the top of their licenses and efficient workflows. 

This reference guide was issued to all members of clinic leadership and staff members.

Reference guide

RN Training manual

RN Training manual

All registered nurses are trained on carefully chosen protocol visits. To open access on a medical provider's schedule, RNs are trained to see patients on their own schedule. 

Each RN is issued a training manual upon hire and attend a 6 week training program. 

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DJ Snead

DJ Snead has been a client for 4 years. He is a disc jockey based out of Columbus, Ohio and is always looking to try new things to build his business. We work collaboratively to build and maintain his site to meet his needs. 

Laurelhurst Forward

Laurelhurst Forward is a local advocacy group. This website and supporting marketing materials were built to share information on neighborhood activities.